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Fair Fashion Fest 2020 will be in November, in Belgium

We can’t wait for it!


The fourth edition of the Fair Fashion Fest, the fair fashion festival, will be canceled on April 25 and 26 and will be postponed to November 28 and 29. This decision came after the measures taken to combat the corona virus. This year, the Ghent Industrial Museum would be devoted to fair fashion for not one, but two days.

In recent months, Ghent Fair Trade and the Industry Museum have been preparing for the largest and most ambitious edition of the fair fashion festival to date. The Fair Fashion Fest 2020 program expanded to two days and two locations. “The program was finished.” Organizer Jonathan Janssens says:

“We were going to give more than 100 entrepreneurs and designers a place in four different markets and our program had 27 speakers. We were particularly excited about our international guests including Kalpona Akter, founder and director of the Bangladesh Center for Worker Solidarity and Sara Ditty, policy director of Fashion Revolution International. In this way, we hoped to host one of the largest Fair Fashion events in Europe in Ghent.”


Fair Fashion Fest, Gent, Belgium. Postponed due to the virus...
Fair Fashion Fest, Gent, Belgium. Postponed due to the virus…



The COVID-19 virus puts a stop to this.

“Together with the Industriemuseum we searched and found a new date, but unfortunately there is no more room at the NTGent later this year. So we will have to adjust our program, but we try to give all designers, entrepreneurs and speakers a place in our program. ”

Procrastination is therefore not a cancellation, but on April 25 and 26 you should not come to the Industry Museum for the Fair Fashion Fest.

“There will still be posters in the street scene in the coming weeks. We try to adjust all communication in the short term, but that is also not easy during this period”, says Jonathan.

It was Ghent ships Tine Heyse who finally took the plunge:

“The biennial Fair Fashion Fest is a highlight of our public campaigns on ethical clothing. Unfortunately, now is not the time to bring thousands of people together. In addition, the further organization of the event would require bringing volunteers and entrepreneurs together. We need to be sensible at the moment and stay indoors as much as possible. ”

The organization invites everyone to come to the Industriemuseum on 28 and 29 November. Under the slogan “See Through Fashion”, they will put their weight behind the campaign that weekend for the Clean Clothes Campaign and the international Fashion Revolution campaign, which call for more transparency in the textile sector. You are welcome for a weekend full of activities, workshops and lectures on fair textiles.


Ghent Fair Fashion Fest 2020
Ghent Fair Fashion Fest 2020


Check our talks!

I am glad to be invited as one of the speakers at the Fair Fashion Fest. Check it out the content of two of our talks:


Fashion in the Amazon: challenges for enterprises

MAIN TALK – 300 people

How to develop a fashion business in the middle of the Amazon rainforest? How the logic of capitalism (technology, development, growth, organization, time pressure, power asymmetry) meets the logics of indigenous peoples, the Spirit of the Forest, rubber tappers, and others? What are the inherent challenges in the forest? Logistics, communication, electricity, wild animals… Welcome to a world where different ontologies try to balance each other in the name of fashion.


Ethical Fashion Brazil

SMALL SESSION – 40 people

A PhD researcher with more than 10 years of experience as a designer and consultant in ethical and sustainable fashion will share her experience. The audience will choose any topic (from engineering and design) about different products (clothing, shoes, jewelry, bags, jeanswear), and shall receive a critical perspective. From Green Design in 1970’s to the current Social Systems for Sustainability, we can talk about 12 strategies applied to ethical fashion.


november 28 (Saturday) - 29 (Sunday)


Gent Industrial Museum