Behind the scenes of Ethical Fashion Brazil story

The story of Ethical Fashion Brazil website

How I became resilient, let my passion find me again and designed a happy start 


In 2016, I lost all the content of my website, Ethical Fashion Brazil. Five years of extremely hard work and passion suddenly disappeared. I remember when I came to know the “death of my work”, let’s say in this way, I felt like there was no gravity, like my body was empty and lighter, there was nothing to carry on anymore. I was perplexed, inert, absorbed in the sense of loss. There was no backup, no second chance, nothing.

So, I took my time. I decided to enter in the court against the website host company, without any lawyer. Somehow, I was confident of my right as consumer and I fought with my own arguments. Many months passed, when I finally won the cause, which means that I won a great amount of money. But does money replace the result of your deep will and passion? I don’t think so. In our society, Justice converts efforts in money, although we know that money is not a value itself. Anyway, I accepted the rules of this material world.

The key that helped me to deal with all these concerns was meditation, a process that I have been experiencing since 2013. At this time, I had started meditation from an online site via Peace Revolution. I realized that I was the owner of my thoughts (not a consequence of them or a victim of life’s circumstances), that I could just observe my thoughts and that I could cultivate inner peace inside of me. For sure meditation helped me to stay cool, to be brave and to move on. As Gandhi said:

“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win”.

I restarted. There was no fear either disappointment inside of me. I was prepared to rebuild my virtual house and identity, my website. However, this time, this second time, I did the website better and faster than before, with more wisdom, more tacit knowledge, more experience. I didn’t need to find my passion again, to reconnect to my own, nothing like this. I am convinced that I am my way, I am my passion, I chose myself and I chose all the material and virtual stuff that will serve to my self-development. I saw that all that I need to do was to let my inner door open to my passion find me again.

I know I am my results and I know that the main goal is only the process to reach it. I appreciate too much my process to be a loser and a winner, without never losing myself. My passion for my website is a power inside of me. Meditation helped me to recognize it, my own strength, my purpose, passion. So, I took some of these perceptions and understandings as my own truths. I keep practicing meditation and building my website. Maybe forever.